Content Creation Science Department

Division overview

The Content Creation Science Department aims to utilize information and communication technology to fuse artistic sensitivity with various sciences and to further develop interdisciplinary research for the creation of valuable information with high originality and their practical implementation. Through supporting the production of environments conducive for experimental work using cutting-edge media technology, the department creates unique content and media art through fusing artistic sensitivity and science and conducts scientific research and evaluations of entertainment content.

The department is equipped with large-scaled audio-visual equipment to project high-quality videos and aims to create new values for the fusion of art and science and to support and promote similar interdisciplinary research and educational projects.

  • Educational research on artistically and scientifically advanced expressive techniques that combine artistic sensitivity and logical thinking.
  • Educational research on relating the scientific processing of human sensitivities to design.
  • Planning and implementation of interdisciplinary research combining artistic sensitivity and various sciences.


Masato Yako ProfessorMusicology, Music Aesthetics
Hisayasu Ihara ProfessorGraphic Design
Daewoong Kim Professor / Division DirectorContent Design, Digital Archive
Reiji Tsuruno ProfessorComputrer Graphics, Visual Computing
Kazunori Shidoji ProfessorExperimental Psychology, Traffic Psychology, Cognitive Science, Human Interface, Virtual Reality
Yoshihiro Okada ProfessorMedia Informatics
Hiroyuki Matsuguma Associate ProfessorComputer Graphics Design
Kazuhiro Jo Associate ProfessorMedia Art
Tatsuro Ishii Associate ProfessorVisual Representation, Visual Projection Design
Tsukasa Aso Associate ProfessorIntellectual Property Law
Yuki Morimoto Assistant ProfessorComputer Graphics