Division of Design Practice Research

Division overview

The Division of Design Practice Research handles the coherent design processes from the identification of social needs, methods of social implementation, planning, actual designing & social implementation, and evaluation and verification of the implemented products. Individual research projects deal with methodological issues and the implementation of specific ideas that cover the entire design process. Researchers with diverse expertise belong to this division, and each research project tailored to various individual needs is conducted in variable groups consisting of them.


Hiroyuki Ito ProfessorPsychology
Hisayasu Ihara ProfessorGraphic Design, Information Design, Typograph
Naoyuki Oi ProfessorUrban and Architectural Environmentology, Environmental Psychology
Daewoong Kim ProfessorContent Design, Museum Content Design
Kazunori Shidoji ProfessorExperimental Psychology, Traffic Psychology, Cognitive Science, Human Interface, Virtual Reality
Kenichi Tanoue ProfessorArchitectural Theory and Design
Shigekazu Higuchi ProfessorPhysiological Anthropology, Psychophysiology, Chronobiology, Kansei Science
Naoshige Akita Associate Professor,Deputy DirectorDesign Engineering, Inclusive Design, Product Design
Tsukasa Aso Associate ProfessorIntellectual Property Law
Minako Ikeda Associate ProfessorDesign theory, Design history, Information Design, Editing Design
Tatsuro Ishii Associate ProfessorVisual Image Creation, Visual Image Expression
Tomo Inoue Associate ProfessorPlanning of Building Construction, Management and Organization of the Building Process
Taketoshi Ushiama Associate ProfessorContent Environment Design, Web Informatics, Social Computing
Tsuyoshi Okamoto Associate ProfessorBrain science, Systems Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Psychophysiology, Physiological psychology, Cognitive psychology
Toshifumi Saito Associate ProfessorMuseum design,Advertising design, Creative direction
Toshiya Samejima Associate ProfessorAcoustical Engineering
Yoshitaka Sugimoto Associate ProfessorIndustrial Design, Product Design
Haruka Sogabe Associate ProfessorDesign Process, Space Design and Element Design for Public Spaces
Mia Nakamura Associate ProfessorSociology of the Arts
Yuichiro Nagatsu Associate ProfessorArts Management, Cultural Policy, Arts and Social Inclusion
Chihiro Hiramatsu Associate ProfessorVisual Psychophysiology
Masahiro Takita LecturerCommunity Development, Communication Design, Designing Education for Diverse Contexts
LecturerPhysiological Anthropology
Tokushu Inamura Assistant ProfessorInnovation Methods, Innovation Process, Design Engineering
Yoichi Kawamoto Assistant ProfessorUrban Environment
Tomohiro Sakotsubo Assistant ProfessorPublic Transportation Design, Industrial Design
Yuki Motomura Assistant ProfessorPsychophysiology, Physiological Anthropology, KanseiScience
Assistant Professor