Related facilities

Multidimensional Design Experiment Building

The Multidimensionla Design Experiment Building is a multipurpose facility known by students as "Tajigen" i.e., "Multidimension" in Japanese. The building consists of the main facility which is a central laboratory, four basic laboratories, and an exhibition hall surrounding these facilities. The central laboratory houses various audio-visual equipments allowing the creation of experimental spaces completely different from the outside world. This hall planned and designed to enable the integration of different media such as sound, light, and video in one space is truly a space for education, experimentation, and presentation of productions.


The Workshop is a facility to carry out model production, classes on figurative art such as basic modelling, for students of each department to produce their graduation projects, and building actual models. The facility also hosts practical training on basic operations of tools and processing equipment for the purpose of cultivating an understanding and artistic thinking of materials important to a designer, practical training for students to experience the different scales of models, and prototype research on experimental machinery. We have also recently introduced some digital fabrication machinery which are now used in rapid prototyping workshops.

Living Space Experimental House

The Living Space Experimental House is an experimental residence with two floors which enables three-dimensional analyses of human behaviors in a living space such as bathing, going to the toilet, cooking, walking, and caring or nursing for others. It can also perform behavior observation and measure the physiological responses of activities such as bathing, sleeping, resting, eating, relaxing, doing housework, studying, using machines, etc.

Digital Workshop

The Digital Workshop has a collection of equipments and softwares for digital imaging, namely, a studio for multi-view shoots, three-dimensional digitizers, and other dedicated computer softwares and equipments. These are useful for producing high-quality content and archive creation, etc.

Research Laboratory for Environmental Adaptation

The Research Laboratory for Environmental Adaptation consists of a total of nine artificial climate chambers for extensive control of weather elements such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, air circulation, light intensity, water pressure, etc. It is the largest experimental facility in the world for the purpose of performing research on the conditions for a healthy and comfortable living environment through carefully examining human adaptability to the environment.