News2022 Asia Digital Art Grand Prize Exhibition FUKUOKA Call for Entries2022.8.30

The Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA, a media art competition, was launched in 2001 as a place to discover and nurture creators with advanced technology and rich sensibilities who are responsible for the creation of digital content. This year, the 22nd edition of the competition will be held under the theme “High artistic sensitivity based on logical thinking,” which we have been pursuing ever since its inception. The winning works will be exhibited at the “2022 Asia Digital Art Grand Prix FUKUOKA” exhibition. Applicants can present their works and activities to a wide range of people in Fukuoka, a hub of exchange in Asia.
We are looking forward to seeing the works of many creators this year!

2022 Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA Outline
General Category… This category is for those who aim to become professional creators with excellent skills and high artistic quality. Corporations and students are also welcome to apply.
Still Image Category / Video Category / Interactive Art Category / Entertainment (Industrial Application) Category
○Student Category… This entry course is for students interested in digital art and who want to improve their skills. Entries from high school students and younger are also welcome. Entries by groups such as clubs are also accepted.
Still Image Category / Video Category / Interactive Art Category / Entertainment (Industrial Application) Category

Entry Period
July 28, 2022 (Thursday) – October 24, 2022 (Monday) 23:59 (Japan time)

How to apply
Please submit your entry through the official website (

Prizes and Incentives
○Asia Digital Art Grand Prix
Category [General] [Student] One of the most outstanding works from all categories
Incentive (500,000 yen) from KAKIHARA Science and Technology Research Foundation, Inc.
○Grand Prize
One work from each of the categories [General] [Student] except for the category selected for the Asia Digital Art Grand Prize.
One work from each category [General] [Student] Interactive Art Division will be awarded the ……… Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award.
One entry from each category [General] [Student] Entertainment ……… The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
Each student category ……… will receive an incentive (50,000 yen) from the Kakihara Science and Technology Research Foundation to support the development of the next generation.
Excellence Award
Two awards each from each category of General Category and each category of the Student Category
○Final Prizes
A few winners from each category of general category and each category of the student category
Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture Award
It is awarded to one work from all categories (General and Student) that is advanced and superior in terms of digital technology and contributes to the future development of the digital industry.
Fukuoka City Mayor Award
Awarded to one outstanding work from all categories [General] [Student] created by an artist who works, goes to school, or lives in Fukuoka City.

Call for entries: Thursday, July 28 – Monday, October 24, 2022
Announcement of award winners: Late December 2022
Exhibition of award-winning works: March 8 (Wed) – March 12 (Sun), 2023 (Venue: Fukuoka City Art Museum)
Award Ceremony: March 11, 2023 (Saturday) [Venue: Fukuoka City Art Museum

2022 Asia Digital Art Grand Prix Exhibition Executive Committee

Contact for inquiries
Asia Digital Art Award Exhibition Executive Committee Secretariat

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