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The SGDs Design Unit, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, and The Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University are organizing SDGs Design International Awards from 2019. The purpose of the awards is to invite a wide range of designs to save the world with the perspective of SDGs from design students around the world, and to show the world outstanding solutions.

In 2020, the second edition of the competition, the theme was “Overcoming the Pandemic, Design for Evolution” in response to unprecedented crises, and many wonderful ideas were gathered from all over the world, with 184 entries from 16 countries. This booklet includes the final presentations by the five finalists and the award ceremony held on November 10, as well as the winning entries and the judges’ critiques. If you are interested in the booklet, please contact us at sdgs(a)



Contents of SDGs Design International Awards 2020


Outline of the SDGs Design International Awards 2020

Program of the day

Five finalists and their winning entries

Winning Entries


Information on SDGs Design International Awards 2021



The final presentation and the award ceremony can be viewed on Youtube.
1.SDGs2020 Live digest
2.SDGs2020 Opening
3.SDGs2020 Inoue
4.SDGs2020 Final Presentation
5.SDGs2020 High School
6.SDGs2020 Town Development
7.SDGs2020 Ceremony
8.SDGs2020 symposium

The SDGs Design International Awards will be held again this year. Details will be updated from the official website at a later date.

SDGs Design International Awards Secretariat