ReportsThe Booklet of SDGs Design International Awards 20212022.3.28

The SDGs Design Unit, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, and the Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University are organizing SDGs Design International Awards from 2019.  The purpose of the awards is to invite a wide range of designs to save the world with the perspective of SDGs from design students around the world, and to show the world outstanding solutions.

In 2021, in the third edition of the competition, the theme was ‘Let’s Create a Carbon Neutral Society ~Think big, Start small, Move fast~. The world is counting down to the realization of “Carbon Neutrality“,  the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero, and various challenges are being taken on around the world. The scope of these challenges is expanding to include the environment, cities, architecture, products, communication, services, and social systems surrounding our daily lives, and design is needed in every aspect. For this year’s award, we received 83 entries from 11 countries and regions. This booklet includes the award winners’ presentations, as well as the winning entries and the judges’ critiques.

It also introduces the knowledge session by Kyushu University at the 13th Asia-Pacific City Summit Special Edition in collaboration with Fukuoka City.

【Contents of the Booklet of SDGs Design International Awards 2021】
Outline of the SDGs Design International Awards 2021
Judges, Sponsorship, Support
Program of the Day
Keynote Speech (Professor Shigenori Fujikawa / International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research, Research Center for Negative Emission Technologies)
Theme 1: Let’s Create a Carbon-Neutral City
・Gold Award
・Silver Award
・Bronze Award
Theme 2: Let’s Create a Carbon-Neutral Lifestyle
・Toyota Motor Kyushu Award
・Kyushu Construction Frontier Group Award
・Kyushu Univerisity Negative Emission Technology Award
・Special Award for High School Students
Winning Entries
Social Implementation Project
The 13th Asia-Pacific City Summit, Special Edition
Dean’s Message

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In addition, videos for the digest version of the award, Kyushu University Knowledge Session of the 13th Asian-Pacific City Summit Special Edition, and Kyushu University Negative Emission Technology Award are available on the Youtube links below.

Digest movie of SDGs Design International Awards 2021:

Kyushu University Knowledge Section of the 13th Asian-Pacific City Summit Special Edition:

Kyushu University Negative Emission Technology Award:

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