NewsReorganization of Divisions2022.11.1

As of November 1, 2022, the Center for Designed Futures has reorganized into two new divisions, the “Division of Design Practice Research” and the “Division of Social Collaboration.”

The Division of Design Practice Research handles the coherent design processes from the identification of social needs, methods of social implementation, planning, actual designing & social implementation, and evaluation and verification of the implemented products. Individual research projects deal with methodological issues and the implementation of specific ideas that cover the entire design process. Researchers with diverse expertise belong to this division, and each research project tailored to various individual needs is conducted in variable groups consisting of them.

The Division of Social Collaboration forms and manages networks with external organizations, companies, and local governments. The division also builds a foundation for discovering social needs that will become design seeds. These partnerships serve as a platform for the implementation of design products. This division attempts to obtain feedback for creating better designs and to become a medium to communicate design outcomes in society-wide.